Slight Decline in Stock of Distressed US Assets

by Landon M. Scott

It would appear that we’ve reached a point where newly distressed assets, or rather loans on real estate assets which are delinquent or being foreclosed on, are falling rather than rising for the first time since this financial crisis began. The following excerpt is from Real Capital Analytics:

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According to RCA, the volume of investments has increased this last year, though the major improvement has been seen in core markets and in the best properties. For a full look at Moody’s REAL Commercial Property Price Index (CCPI) on which RCA is basing their conclusion, see Moody’s/REAL Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI).

It is far from stellar news, but it is further evidence that we are breaking the back of this financial crisis and are on a slow mend. Are we at the bottom? Approaching bottom? Coming off bottom? Nobody knows for sure of course, but that we are somewhere at or near the bottom is clear.

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